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End of Life

Thank you for your business support over the years.

As issued in previous notices, JaM is at end of life form 01 Sep 2016 and is no longer supported. JaM has been replaced by ConnectALL ALM Router. ConnectALL licenses were made available at no extra cost.

For those clients that have not yet upgraded to ConnectALL and are in the process of doing so, Go2Group will not provide further JaM licenses and all JaM instances will cease operating as of 01 Oct 2016.

The only exceptions to continue to use JaM are:

  1. You are a QC 9 or 10 client. In this case, you can continue to use JaM for QC 9 or 10 only at a higher cost than in previous years to cover the special costs involved. You may upgrade to ConnectALL at any time once you have upgraded to QC/ALM 11 Octane

  2. You have hired either Go2Group or a ConnectALL reseller to provide you upgrade services by 01 Oct 2016.

Go2Group has provided JaM licenses to those clients upgrading to ConnectALL until 01 Oct 2016 with the caveat that this window of time will give you the chance to hire either Go2Group or a ConnectALL reseller to perform this upgrade for you.

Brett Taylor 

The Test and Development phases of the software development life cycle process are seen as key indicators to the success and efficiency of a product being available to the general public on time. Since these two teams are normally using two different systems, communication disruptions and delays can create a bottleneck in updating test defects and development issues.

Implementing the Go2Group JaM Plugin has allowed organizations and teams to successfully tighten their collaboration processes, reduce the amount of down time caused by batch updates, and to merge two different workflows to complete projects on time.

For complex multiple ALM integrations, Go2Group's ConnectALL is the ultimate solution. It is an enterprise class solution to accelerate your product development by unifying your data across all ALM systems. Everyone in your organization can continue to work in the ALM system they choose while ConnectALL migrates data, workflow and requirements - automatically!

View the comparison between ConnectALL and JaM Plugin.


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