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Go2Group JaM Plugin - Upgrade Guide

The Go2Group JaM Plugin - Upgrade Guide provides users with documentation to upgrade their current JaM Plugin implementation to the latest version from Go2Group.

This document applies to all versions of JAM.

Table of Contents


The following upgrade guide is to be used when upgrading to the latest version of the Go2Group JaM Plugin from an earlier version. If a new installation is being conducted, please review the full installation guide.

This upgrade consists of two (2) main sections:

  • Updating the Go2Group JaM Plugin
  • Updating the Mercury SOAP Service

These steps assume the latest package has been downloaded from the Go2Group Support Site.

Updating the Go2Group JaM Plugin

1. Disable the JAM plugin from Plugin Manager.
2. Stop the Atlassian JIRA.
3. Remove the current mercury_kit-*.jar and jericho-html-x.jar from:


4. To upgrade to JAM earlier than 8.x, copy the new mercury_kit-*.jar and jericho-html-3.x.jar (for JAM 6.2 and later) to:


To upgrade to JAM 8.x, since it is a version 2 plugin, you can use Plugin Manager to upload it.

To upgrade to JaM 6.3 from earlier version of JaM, You also need to copy jam-enabler-1.0.jar into directory

Do not restart the Atlassian JIRA service!

We will restart the Atlassian JIRA service in the final step of the upgrade process.

This section is now complete.

Updating the Mercury SOAP Service

1. Stop the Mercury SOAP Service from the Services window. Once stopped, simply navigate to the Go2Group Mercury SOAP Service Uninstaller:

2. The uninstallation process will begin with the following screen:

3. Navigate through the prompts to complete the uninstall process.

4. Once the uninstall process has been successfully completed, you can install the latest SOAP service found in the downloaded JaM Plugin package (Mercury_SOAP_Service_X_X.exe).

5. Please note, you will need to choose a new directory for the SOAP Service home location.

6. Next, start the Go2Group Mercury SOAP Service.

7. Then, start the Atlassian JIRA Service.

To upgrade to JaM 6.3 from earlier version of JaM, after migrating the old JIRA data to the new instance as defined in the JIRA upgrade notes, please

Regarding the utility servlet for migration to JIRA 4.4, it only changes the type of some of the custom fields JaM uses, like Test Cases, Requirements etc from Select Lists to Text fields. This is because of a change in JIRA4.4 where option Ids are stored as custom field values instead of the actual text. Th code is changed in the plugin to treat the JaM fields as text fields instead of select lists.

  • Re-index JIRA

The Go2Group JaM Plugin has now been upgraded to the latest version!

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