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titlePricing Changes

Thank you for using our Go2Group CAC/PIV Authenticator for Atlassian Suites.  We hope it has been of continuing benefit to your team and organization.

We would like to inform that Go2Group will be adjusting our pricing for CAC/PIV Authenticator for Atlassian Suites to align with Atlassian’s recent price changeeffective from 10 DEC 2018.  Our goal with this price change is to continue to invest in our products, improve usability & performance while delivering robust functionality.

The new pricing is listed in the Tiers, Pricing and Examples page.

This product was formerly known as Client Certificate Authenticator. 

CAC/PKI is a special case of client certificate authentication, in which the client certificates are stored on PIN-protected smart cards. But from Go2Group's point of view, the client certificate on a CAC/PKI card is simply made available through the browser.

The method described below will allow the following Atlassian solutions to use client certificates for authentication without a password. However, the users (and their group membership and permissions) must already exist.

License Request

Please create a License issue at Go2Group's Service Desk with the following information to request for a trial license for each product:

  1. Contact Information
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Organization
  2. Application of concern
    1. How many users per application (based on application license)
  3. Application Server Id
  4. Application SEN Number

Applications Supported

At the moment, we have the solution for Crowd, JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo & Stash.


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