Version 9.7.4

Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-3457 [Performance]: Add index to Test Case Details table to improve Test Case estimation calculation
  • SYNAPSENG-3456 [Test Plan]: Loading icon should follow items in the list.
  • SYNAPSENG-3445 [Agile]: Introduce pagination in 'Test Info' dialog box.
  • SYNAPSENG-3444 [Agile]: Add pagination for execution records under Test Case.
  • SYNAPSENG-3438 [Test Suite]: Highlight action icons on "mouseover" throughout the application
  • SYNAPSENG-3360 [Test Case]: Edit should activate the whole step row instead of just a single column text box.
  • SYNAPSENG-3306 [JQL]: Introduce a new JQL to search Bugs those are not linked to any Test Run (Test Case).
  • SYNAPSENG-2895 [Customer][JQL]: Introduce a new JQL to find all requirements from a baseline
  • SYNAPSENG-2644 [Customer][JQL]: Support nested functions in synapseRT JQL.
  • SYNAPSENG-1891 [Customer][JQL]: List all Test Plans without any Test Cases associated.
  • SYNAPSENG-1509 [Customer][Test Case]: Support to add screenshot (copy/paste) directly to SynaspeRT text boxes (Step, Test Data, Expected Result, Actual Result …)

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-3473 [Gadget]: User defined Test Run Status are not reflected in synapseRT gadgets.
  • SYNAPSENG-3459 [Gadget]: Test Cases those are removed from Test Plan but still exist in Test Cycle should still be visible in gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-3458 [Test Plans]: The graphics in the page cannot be loaded with large set of data.
  • SYNAPSENG-3455 [Import]: Saved configuration file cannot be used if delimiter is set to ";'.
  • SYNAPSENG-3454 "User" provided in param is not used in JQL function requirementsInBug
  • SYNAPSENG-3452 [Report]: 'Grand Total' value is not accurate if a Test Case is tagged with multiple field values.
  • SYNAPSENG-3401 [Requirements]: It takes too much time to completely load all Requirements in the page.
  • SYNAPSENG-3185 [Automation]: Error element is not handled properly in JUnit automation
  • SYNAPSENG-3026 [Test Suites]: Improve 'Test Suites' page loading time.
  • SYNAPSENG-2452 [Performance]: It takes too much time to 'Expand All' in a Test Suite with large amount of Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-2367 [Performance][Test Suite]: It takes too much time to link Test Cases to Root Test Suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-1698 [Performance][Test Cycle]: It takes too much time to 'Start' a Test Cycle with large number of Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-1614 [Test Run]: Image is not displayed at the front, it is overlapped by 'Test Run' dialog.
  • SYNAPSENG-1120 [Test Run]: There is no menu/button to close the image once it is opened from 'Test Case Run' dialog.